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Understanding Basic Equine Gaits

Understanding Basic Equine Gaits Awareness of horse footfalls will help you ride better At a clinic I gave recently, I asked a question which I assumed would be simple to answer, even for these beginner [...]

Truths in Riding

Truths in Riding Foundations and principles necessary for correct training of your horse Regardless of the level at which you ride, there are certain principles which always hold true. These principles, when strictly adhered to [...]

The Perfect Sitting Trot

The Perfect Sitting Trot Ride in balance with your horse As I began to write this article (in response to requests from several readers) I realized just what a great undertaking it would be [...]

Straightness in Equine Movement

Training your horse to track correctly Now that we are well into the show season, (and because I have received several e-mails requesting a discussion on this subject), I think it would be a good [...]

Schooling the Shoulder-In

Training your horse to track and bend correctly I have found that beginning shoulder-in exercises opens up a whole new proprioceptive maze of confusion for both horse and rider. Prior to this experience, both horses [...]

Rushing Horses

Training horses to slow down and pay attention. Not too long ago I was speaking with my friend Diane Rodich, who called to ask my advice regarding an issue she was having with a thoroughbred [...]

Riding Circle Points

Train your horse to bend correctly and ride correct figures Every good rider understands the benefit of riding correct figures. Early on in a horse’s training he is introduced to the importance of traveling on [...]

Performing Lateral Work

Learn Correct Rider Position for Executing lateral movements Lateral work will only be successful if the rider applies the appropriate aids while 1) in the proper balance, and 2) in the proper position. 1) Proper [...]

Infinite Adaptability: Improve your Riding skills

Ride Better by Improving your Communication with your horse It’s very common to see riders so focused on one aspect of their riding that they compromise another. This is especially true for less experienced riders [...]

Improve Your Trot Transitions

Learn the Main Components Necessary for to Perform Good Trot Transitions All good trot transitions (that is, all good transitions in general) can be divided into 3 main components. They are: the preparation the actual [...]

How to Perform the Half-Halt

Improve your Horse’s Self-Carriage and Balance What is a Half-Halt? Before you can perform a successful, skillfully ridden half-halt (something riders at all levels of training strive to accomplish) you need to get a clear [...]

Head Tilt in Horses

I was speaking to a trainer friend of mine recently, and she suggested I write an article about head tilt in horses, since this is a problem trainers often encounter with their students. So, for [...]

Combining Skills for Better Performance

Training your horse for transitions and bending smoothly When I watch a horse move, several factors come to mind, such as quality of the transitions, body alignment, responsiveness, self-carriage, resistances (of course!), and overall “preparedness” [...]

The Art of Learning to Ride

Effective methods to improve your ability to learn Usually articles appearing in “The Horse In Motion” center around improving equine movement and performance. However, several recent questions from readers (along with one very eventful clinic) [...]

Understanding Braces

Alleviating obstructions in equine movement In recent a recent 2–part article, Resistance-Free Performance, I discussed Resistances and their relationship to training where I briefly mentioned something called “braces”. Since that time, my e-mail has been [...]

Resistances, Training and Soundness

Avoid lameness through proper equine training Recently, I was asked why a particular horse continually developed soundness problems. Knowing how this particular horse carries himself in his movement, his developing soundness problems were not at [...]