Dr. Bev’s Bio

Dr. Beverly Gordon, Creator and Founder of Equi-Tape®, has focused much of her professional career on the practical applications of scientific principles to help keep horses sounder and improve equine athletic performance. Dr. Gordon’s background is in bio-mechanics of movement with a concentration in equine training resistances. In 1997, she sold her human chiropractic practice and began working primarily with horses. She has consulted for numerous veterinary facilities, has published over 60 articles on equine-related topics, and authored a monthly column in Sidelines Magazine called The Horse in Motion. Her company The Horse in Motion, Inc., is dedicated to improving equine movement through practical application of scientific principles. To this end, Equi-Tape®, an elastic kinesiology tape designed specifically for horses, was developed along with the associated Equi-Taping® Method.

Dr. Gordon has given numerous lectures/demos/seminars geared toward understanding issues related to equine movement, training, and resistances. Her current practice is limited to horses and focuses on improving movement and performance at all skill levels through grand prix. Dr. Gordon has ridden and competed in Dressage, and currently shares her time between Wellington, FL and Oyster Bay, NY with her horses, her husband, and a cat named Oreo.


Dr. Gordon is licensed human chiropractor and served as past Director of the New York Chiropractic Outpatient facility, and was president of Gordon Chiropractic Associates where she focused on sports and movement related issues, having given numerous lectures and clinics on this topic. Dr. Gordon taught clinical sciences at NY Chiropractic College, has an attained an added certification as an Animal Chiropractor from the AVCA, and currently concentrates specifically on equine chiropractic.


Dr. Gordon is the founder and developer of Equi-Tape®, and Equi-Taping® Method. Equi-Tape® is the first elastic kinesiology tape designed specifically for horses. Having been a certified human elastic kinesiology taping practitioner, Dr. Gordon began researching the application of elastic kinesiology tape with regard to its use on horses and found it to have great value in equine training and health care programs. Dr. Gordon gives certification courses for equine professionals wanting to become certified Equi-Taping® practitioners. (For information on courses visit www.Equi-Tape.com)

Resistances, Movement, and Bio-mechanics

Alleviating physical and mental resistances which interfere with soundness and performance is a goal inherent in Dr. Gordon’s philosophy. Dr. Gordon has developed a classification system for identifying resistances which manifest themselves in ‘physical braces’. In her practice, she uses this knowledge when assessing performance horses at all levels to help increase rider/horse potential to achieve their highest level of performance. She has written numerous articles on this subject, and gives demos/lectures on this topic.