This Equi-Taping® Method of application, can be useful when your horse exhibits sore, tense or tight back muscles.

This taping can be worn during training and under tack to help horses be less rigid and encourage more suppleness. Effective in relieving back pain and stiffness during and after exercise; particularly effective when your horse exhibits tenderness to palpation.

Use two long 2” wide strips of Equi-Tape®. Lower horse’s head so back muscles are slightly stretched. Begin by placing first tape at the withers with no stretch for the first 2”. Stretch the tape slightly as you follow along the muscle as shown. Lay the last 2” of tape down with no stretch. Apply second piece as shown. The black piece of tape is applied as an anchor for the application. Tear paper backing in the center and apply with no stretch.

Rub tape to activate adhesive

*Note: The above taping is one suggestion for Equi-Taping® horses with sore backs. Be sure to do a correct assessment of your horse’s condition to determine the appropriate taping application for your horse