This Equi-Taping® Method of application, can be used for horses with sore Gluteal muscles.

It can be quite beneficial when worn during training to support working muscles, decrease potential soreness, improve potential training effects, and increase oxygen flow and circulation to the working muscles. This taping is also great for horses going back to work and in rehab.

Apply one long single 2” wide strip of Equi-Tape® beginning on the back over the gluteal fascia and continue to lay the remaining tape over the muscle with mild stretch. The 2-3” at both ends of the tape should be applied with no tension. Attach a second piece of tape with mild stretch along the bottom of the muscle as shown, again with no tension at the ends of the tape.

Rub tape to activate adhesive

*Note: The above taping is one suggestion for Equi-Taping® horses with sore backs. Be sure to do a correct assessment of your horse’s condition to determine the appropriate taping application for your horse